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Release your music on BU’s BeatShop. Keep your copyrights. Cancel anytime.

Ready to maximize your artist potential? Be part of the movement and apply to become a BU Original Producer.
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts & Creative Saskatchwan.
Set your own price

Sell track downloads through your personal BU store & have money go directly to your account of choice. BU’s collaboration features enable you to easily create contracts and automatically distribute royalty splits with other BU members.

Experience digital
Artist Freedom

BeatsUnion champions transparency and privacy by design which means you have clarity and control over your personal data on the platform. This also means you have real-time access to BeatsUnion’s cash flow, growth targets, and income distribution.

Benefit from BU’s artist collective
Influence the design of the platform to make it work for
your benefit and contribute to a grassroots movement
that is self-supporting and self-sustaining for electronic
music artists.
It’s time to empower the artist.
Be you. Be united.

BeatsUnion is a stand alone, 100% independent platform that is geared towards forming a grassroots movement that is self sustaining and self supporting. The platform was built by artists, many of whom are music producers, to create a viable solution for sustainable income. We believe that making music is a sacred process that requires focus and clarity, and spent five years building this platform to escape the rat race produced by an industry that is run by major record labels and big tech companies. As a music producer, you can release your tracks to the BU marketplace and pay zero commission on music sales. You own copyrights to your music. You set the price for your music. You are the only one making money off of your music. Period. BeatsUnion simply provides you with the space to showcase your music, automate the creation of contracts and the distribution of royalty splits. The platform champions radical transparency and privacy by design, protecting your personal digital freedom.

BeatsUnion was recently supported by Canada Council for the Arts and the recipient of the Transformation of Organizational Model Grant which is designed to create a digital reality that creates the possibility for independence for music producers.

For $10 monthly, you have access to a personalized artist page and a private work area where you can manage your releases, collaborate with others, and publish to start monetizing your music. Your membership gives you access to networking tools that will help you grow connections with other producers. Your membership also includes access to streaming services on the platform as part of the producer community.

By joining early, you are recognized as a BU original producer and you can grow with the collective, influence it’s direction, get marketing spotlights, and benefit from BU internal point system that will give you priority access to sustainable income opportunities.

BU’s BeatShop is where people can explore and purchase all the music released through the platform by BU members. Anyone can access the BeatShop and leverage BU’s search features to find the music they’re looking for. Download purchases through the BeatShop go directly to the artist via a secure and reliable transaction process.

Your BU artist page allows you to push and promote your music to popular channels of choice and have fans link back to your BU page to purchase the download. As a BU member, you are also featured as an artist in the BeatShop.

Taking care of you, the artist, is our number one priority. We are not about capitalizing on your music. We are here to provide you, and ourselves, with the tools and opportunity to grow our music career.

BU subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. Your music will only be available through BeatsUnion with a paid BU subscription. BU reward points will zero out at the time of cancellation.

No. BeatsUnion artists keep 100% of their music sales.

The release owners will be owner of the copyrights for all released music.

Ready to maximize your artist potential? Be part of the movement and apply to become a BU Original Producer.

It’s time to empower the artist.


We are a group of artists powered by our creativity & passion to make a better future for all of us. BeatsUnion is a vision to protect the integrity of the artist in a digital environment that is constantly capitalising on our participation without adequately providing real life value.

The digital era ushered a new world with some digital platforms’ user base exceeding the population of the biggest nations around the world. We know that there is power in a collective, if built correctly, this collective can in turn empower its individual members.

So we built a digital platform where we can sell our music, protect the ownership of our work, define our own competitive and ethical reality, and solve the long standing problem of sustainable income for artists. BeatsUnion stands for ethics, integrity, sovereignty, sustainability and mutual success.

Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” This quote is at the heart of our vision. Join to discover & contribute to the creation of a grassroots movement in its infancy, dedicated to the electronic music community and to putting independent music producers first.