BU CONNECT: CMI Artist Manager Course

Applications are open for the Canada’s Music Incubator 2021 Artist Manager Program, taking place virtually October 6 – November 12, 2021. This program helps emerging managers, self-managed artists and transitioning industry professionals develop career building skills, insights and networks.The deadline to apply is August 3. For more info and to apply See more posts on BeatsUnion Blog

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It’s time to empower the artist

Our power is in our unity. The statement “It’s time to empower the artist” is a vague statement and highly depends on the application. As music producers, we believe that our power is our unity, and the question becomes “united around what exactly?”The competitive environment of BeatsUnion is built on the following three values:  Sovereignty. The power of choice, self-expression and self-growth empowers us to reach our full potential and be in control of our personal journey, and ultimately our destiny.   Mutual success. We seek the success of the collective and realize our own personal success in doing so. We seek to actively create a support structure through our work that empowers us and others. Merit: we seek to be rewarded based on our

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BeatsUnion has the support of Canada Council for the Arts

We are honoured to be the recipient of the Digital Strategy – Transformation of Organizational Models Fund through the generous support of Canada Council for the Arts. This recognition further reinforces BeatsUnion as a trusted digital platform for music producers that 1) frees artists from the complexity of the current digital environment, 2) empowers artists to freely create, and 3) provides artists with an opportunity to maximize their earnings from the sale of their musical work.  With BeatsUnion, artists are in complete control of their music and pay zero commission – as it should be.  BeatsUnion is a positive disruptor to the music industry through the simple mission of always putting the artist first. It’s time for a change – join the

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It’s time…

We are a group of electronic music artists and industry professionals powered by our creativity & passion to make a better future for all of us. The digital era ushered a new world with the arrival of platforms that have caused drastic disruptions to the world we know. We know that there is power in a collective, and we have seen the effects digital platforms have had on the world. We feel empowered because we are connected, however with the lack of ethics in the digital arena, we have seen the digital platform capitalize on the human being over and over again as this digital social experimentation continues, the world is in a much worse place. We believe that our

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