It’s time to empower the artist

Our power is in our unity.
The statement “It’s time to empower the artist” is a vague statement and highly depends on the application. As music producers, we believe that our power is our unity, and the question becomes “united around what exactly?”
The competitive environment of BeatsUnion is built on the following three values:
  • Sovereignty. The power of choice, self-expression and self-growth empowers us to reach our full potential and be in control of our personal journey, and ultimately our destiny.  
  • Mutual success. We seek the success of the collective and realize our own personal success in doing soWe seek to actively create a support structure through our work that empowers us and others.
  • Merit: we seek to be rewarded based on our talent, work, and accomplishment.
The following values drive our culture:
  • Transparency: we foster an open and honest exchange of information to provide clarity and momentum to reach collective success.  
  • Empathy. We recognize the uniqueness of each individual and aim to see from the other’s perspective first before our own.  
  • Integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral conduct, self-respect and lead by example.  
We believe that the environment we are actively creating defines the type of artist empowerment needed to reach new levels as an industry. BeatsUnion is offered as a way to sustain this movement. ‘Empowering the artist’ is at the core of BeatsUnion and is what BU technology has been built to do.

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