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We are a group of electronic music artists and industry professionals powered by our creativity & passion to make a better future for all of us.

The digital era ushered a new world with the arrival of platforms that have caused drastic disruptions to the world we know. We know that there is power in a collective, and we have seen the effects digital platforms have had on the world. We feel empowered because we are connected, however with the lack of ethics in the digital arena, we have seen the digital platform capitalize on the human being over and over again as this digital social experimentation continues, the world is in a much worse place. We believe that our problems as music artists are fundamental ones, and the proof is the total insanity that surrounds us that continues to capitalize on our artistry.

We need a digital platform where we can sell our music, protect the ownership of our work, define our own competitive and ethical reality, and solve the long standing problem of sustainable income for artists. BeatsUnion is a vision to protect the integrity of the artist in a digital environment that is constantly capitalizing on our participation without adequately providing real life value. This is not just another tech platform – this is a movement that is powered by a community of like-minded artists. Our focus will always be the artist – our people are our strength and it is through them that a better future can be realized through a collective effort.

Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” This quote is at the heart of our vision. It was through some digital platforms that the world was divided and our attention diverted to irrelevant things that does not serve the human being in any truthful sense. BeatsUnion is a platform built to inspire and uplift – through music, through artistry, through community.

The BeatsUnion collective aims to usher a new reality by building a digital platform that fosters trust and truly empower artists to self realize so we can all see, and consciously live our lives. And so we built an ecosystem that focuses on ethics and merit. Our cultural building block is what is known as the underground electronic music culture, which is known to be the most inclusive and safe environment for people of all classifications of society.

With an honest approach, we hope to become an example that can be replicated to cater and rebuild our broken societies on national and global scales.

Join us on this journey.


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